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Popular "Österlenkryddor" in Kopingebro, meaning "Spices from Österlen", is a family farm managed with lots of passion and in the long tradition of kitchen gardens of Österlen.
This little kingdom of spices is producing most of that can grow in the mild Österlen´s climate; Thyme, Sage, Greek Oregano, Mints, Lavender, French Tarragon, Citrus melissa, Rosemary, Coriander, Poppy seed and Fennel and much more.
All the products are grown, dried, threshed, cleaned and packed in the very yard. Our charming host Cherztin is guiding us around the farm. The farm shop is full with the myriad of genuine products, from dried spices and herbal teas to extracts and oils.
Many products from Österlenkryddor are very popular among people in Österlen, such as spiced salt for potatoes or lavender oil.
 In a small area surrounded by a fence on the south side of the courtyard, there is a little garden of the spice- and medicinal plants, those that are not growing in the field. Here you are always welcome to have a seat, relax and enjoy different fragrances.
 On the farm, there are also opportunities to attend courses and lectures while eating something good inspired by herbs and local products. On the Österlenkryddor website, you can find their Webshop and order any product you like, directly from your home. Österlenkryddor is participating in the Österlens Garden Tour that happens every summer all around the region. During the tour (Österlens trädgårdsrunda) the gates of many gardens in the region are open daily to public visitors. 
diplom Österlenkryddor is open all year around. 
Monday - Friday: 11-18
Saturday - Sunday: 10-15
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