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out2 gastronomy / Smedjan Bykrog & Logi
text & photo: aboutosterlen.com
Enjoy a gourmet meal at the family managed Smedjan Bykrog & logi in the old smithy in charming Östra Ingelstad in Österlen.
The place is newly renovated and in the style that preserves the warmness and coziness of Österlen countryside. Delicious food, freshly baked bread, own sweets and coffee.
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In addition to soft drinks and local apple juice, beer, wine and liqueurs are served. Smedjan is Open Thursday to Sunday, all year round! 


If you are staying in Österlen, at 
Smedjan you can rent three spacious rooms. 


Smedjan is settled in the heart of Österlen, so every destination is on less than one hour distance. 
Every week, there is a new and interesting menu,
 Please book at 0414-516 00 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. reservation only.
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