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Haven´t you heard yet? In the very center of Ystad, just behind the corner of the main city square, there is a family driven, original Sicilian pizzeria. 
Pizzeria Gusto offers a comfortable atmosphere where friends and family may gather to enjoy the real Sicilian food experience.
Vincenzo Giacopino came to Ystad 2010 to work with the International Street Market. Once in place, he found the love of Ystad's girl Pauline. Eight years later they are married, both live in Ystad and are now getting more and more popular with their pizza and other recipes from South Italy. 


"Our challenge is to bring you the best quality of food," explains Vincenzo. "Everything we make, from pizzas to pasta and other meals, is prepared from scratch each day and uses only the freshest and original ingredients."


Rustic, classic, traditional or more characteristic, you can order any kind of traditional pizza topped with tuna, salmon, anchovies, seafood, local cured meats, and cheeses, or covered with many fresh produced vegetables.
And to accompany the pizzas, you can try some good Italian wines, or choose between craft, national and international beers.
Tel: 041113515
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Address: Klostergatan 5 Ystad 27134

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