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pipireimans gastronomy / Reimans Bröd in Tomelilla
text&photo: aboutosterlen.com
The best way to try the traditional taste of Österlen´s bread and cakes is to visit the Reimans Bröd or Reimans Bread in Tomelilla.
Reimans Bread is a traditional bakery that serviced people of Österlen with freshly baked bread and treats since 1925.
From 2004, Katja and Marin Kostovic took over the bakery, deciding to keep the tradition of baking the same kind of things Reimans is famous for, but also to bring more and interesting products. Reimans Bread currently has 20 employees who all work with a genuine interest in the craft.
Reimans Bread currently has 20 employees who all work with a genuine interest in the craft. The job here never stops, since the fresh baking starts the night before and goes all through the night, with first customers arriving already before 7 in the morning.
The popularity of this bakery is easy to comprehend, one can find Reimans Bakery products in grocery shops and café bars all around Österlen and Sweden.
Another very popular Reimans product is their sandwiches. One can enjoy them as a takeaway or in the little cafe next door to the bakery.
Reimans Bread is also producing wedding and birthday cakes. The bakery shop is open every day, Monday through Friday: 6.30 – 19.00 and Saturday to Sunday: 7.30 – 16.00.
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