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One of the most known products from Österlen is mustard or senap. There is an old tradition in mustard production around here, and many agree that mustard from Petersborgs Gård farm is one of the best.
There are many reasons for that. But certainly the most important is the fact that Petersborgs mustard is grown on the very farm or from growers nearby, and it is controlled carefuly trough each step of the production. 
Many local recipes are having mustard as one of the inavitable adds. Mustard is not only used at the table as a condiment but also as an ingredient in mayonnaise, vinaigrette, marinades, and barbecue sauce. Mustard is also a popular accompaniment to hot dogs, pretzels, and bratwurst.
At Petersborgs Gård farm shop, one can try their various products. Sweet lavender mustard, mustard for sausages, Christmas mustard with cinnamon and cloves, or the best local version of Dijon mustard? You name it, Petersborgs Gård have it.
Every how and then, they bring new moustard versions, and 2016. they came up with a delicious apple mustard. If you like moustard, don´t miss to visit Petersborsgs Gård, and their farm shop. It is open every Friday and Saturday, from 11am to16pm. 
 You can find Petersborgs Gård mustard in lot of grocery shops around Österlen, and they have their own shops in Lund and Ystad.
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