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The name simply means "The meat and the wild of the Österlen", and that is what you can find in this modern meat shop.
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A special thing anyone should try here: sausages of local wild boar. Just fenomenal! 
Österlens Kött & Vilt is the old style charcuterie shop with traditional recipes settled in modern ambient.  


On display we find hung and tenderized beef, pork and lamb, but also wild game in the season.
There is also a fine cheese choice, and other products, mostly from local producers.
All goods are sold as fresh and produced directly from the disk, where you choose your piece to take home and cook for the evening.
The raw materials come from producers who are in the neighborhood, and slaughtered in small slaughterhouses in order to keep the high quality and short delivery times, all for the consumer and the environment.
If you are a gastronomy and charcuterie fan, Österlens Kött and Vilt is a perfect place and must-visit!
Österlens Kött & Vilt has a nice website where you can find out more about them.
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