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First place on our agenda about Brösarp was obvious. One of the best and oldest guesthouses in Österlen: Brösarps Gastgifveri
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This traditional-style restaurant, hotel and Spa has a cult status among many, in Sweden and internationally, and we surely wanted to find out why.
DSC 0749 Tradition of Swedish guesthouses or ´"Gästgifveri" goes on for centuries. In a long country such as Sweden, there was always a need for places where tired travellers can take a good meal and a good rest.
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No wonder that in Skåne, settled between Europe and north Scandinavia, this tradition had a special development. Unfortunately, in this days, there are not many of this guesthouses left.
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But, those that are still in function, became something of a landmark and a must-visit places. One of the most famous guesthouses in Österlen is certanly the Brösarps Gästgifveri.
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This restaurant, hotel and the spa, conserved its traditional look from 19th century, and since then never ceased to recieve guests on a daily bases.
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Brösarps Gästgifveri is famous for its excellent food, and the restaurant has won many prizes from different gastro associations and connosseurs.
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Another characteristic of a Gästgifveri is a range of prices, here one can order an inexpensive daily meal, but also something more precious from a la carte menu. Brösarp Gastgifveri is also a hotel and a spa, and the restaurant has a very nice wine cellar. 
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Brösarp Gästgifveri has a nice website, even in english.
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