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Gatukök - Fast Food in Swedish Style
Gatuköks are often to be found near to crossroads and squares of Österlen, as places where hungry travelers can have a break and a warm meal.  

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Gatukök, meaning a street-kitchen, is a Swedish fusion of a snack bar mixed with a fast food.
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No matter the size, all that they have in common is one thing: hundreds of different dishes and recipes involving meat and/or sausages. 

DSC 0558 Guns Grill Tomelilla
Gatuköks in Österlen have a big tradition, and it can be a fully equipped restaurant or just a simple grill stand, like the popular Guns Grill on the main square in Tomelilla. 

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Vitaby Gatukök Vitaby

One of the "cult" Gatuköks in Österlen is the one in VitabyThis Gatukök offers traditional and regional dishes, but of course, one can taste some fine hamburgers, or even kebab plates and pizzas.  

osterportsgatukok Österports Ystad

Österports in Ystad is the most popular Gatukök in Österlen. Here, tradition combines with tasty dishes, not to mention the best ice cream around.   

ramsasa Ramsåsa Grillen Ramsåsa
A Gatukök at Ramsåsa near Tomelila, and a good grill, just adjacent to the popular racing track "Svampbanan".

DSC 0498b Familjen Hammenhög
Another nice Gatukök we found in Hammenhög. "Familjen" offers a huge variety of dishes for all ages, and it is very popular among families with kids. 

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