guitars Per´s Music Shop
Just behind the corner of Tomelilla´s main square, we found a very nice and particular music shop.
"Here we sell and buy everything from the world of music", says Per, its owner, proudly informing us. 
Brand new and also second-hand things on the display, which gives the shop a certain retro and nostalgic note.
The collection of lp´s is really impressive,  consisting of more than 50.000 pieces.
Indeed, from LP-s and equipment, musical instruments and various other gadgets, Per´s Music Shop is like a general store of music. 
This shop has a long tradition in Tomelilla, and it used to be Hasse´s Music Equipment Shop before Per took over.The shop now is a fusion of old Hasse´s shop and another shop from the same street that used to sell music instruments.
"We have lots of customers coming back", says Per, "some to purchase something, some other just because of the atmosphere of the shop itself". 
Per´s Music Shop is open from Monday to Friday, from 01 pm. to 6 pm.
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