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Ornamental doors and pillars from India, Chinese jars, Burmese lacquerware, kimonos from Japan, furniture, textiles, bronzes, art and a myriad of other items from the far orient. 
And all now in Smedstorp. Thanks to Elisabet Carlberg. "It was not easy to bring all of my collection into one place," says Elizabet, "Most of it was still on the other side of the planet."

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"I discovered the passion for collecting things from the orient since I first visited India in the eighties. I travel often into various countries of the far east, always looking to find something new."
Eventually, Elizabet´s passion for the orient turned into a full-time job, first in Stockholm, and now in Österlen. Taking a tour of the huge showroom, we realize how big the collection really is.  

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 From litlle items to the big ones. No need to travel far looking for it, though, all of this you can find here, in the very heart of Österlen. A visit to Elisabet Carlberg`s showroom in Smedstorp is, in fact, like visiting a rich oriental museum. 
 Orient Hall in Smedstorp is open every day in the high season, and in the winter on weekends. Periodically, Orient is organizing cultural events, like concerts and exhibitions.
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