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The passionate collector Emil Ibjer started with Spiken i kistan (The Nail in the Coffin) 18 years ago in Lövestad. Here, the atmosphere is like the time stops and one gets pleasantly overwhelmed with numerous items from the near or distant history.




In the shop, you will find unique old building details, old windows and doors, lots of screws, rivets, bolts, nails and strange antique items, and there is also a Specialty and Settlement Business Museum. 
spiken3 The store is housed in an old hardware store built in 1938, and the museum is located at the same address but in the original business premises built around 1860 when the railroad came to the village. 

spiken2 Spiken i kistan is a unique place, both museum and the antique shop, where one can learn about the local history, but also buy old and used tools and materials for traditional building purposes.

"Traditional building is getting more and more popular," says Emil, "The aesthetics of the "old way" is always in." Indeed, here is possible even to buy centuries-old materials and tools, and use them to build something new. 
Spiken i Kistan has also a nice web-shop, which we warmly recommend to visit before you decide to come to the shop in Lövestad.
The store's opening hours are:
Wednesday - Friday 12-18
Saturday - Sunday 12-16