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Hylkegården was one of the first big farms or gård´s of Österlen transformed into a shop with a café. A trend that many others followed later on, and that became sort of a trade-mark of the whole region. 
329a 1 Allready in 1975, the Andersson family decided to open a combined café and shop inside their huge farm from the 1800´s, situated near Simrishamn and Skillinge.


In 1977, as the number of customers increased beyond expectations, Anderssons decided to concentrate more on their shop. Lots of renovation and furnishing was done to the farm, and the entire wing became a café.   
Since those days, Hylkegarden is attracting many thousands of visitors each year. 
The entire shop, or the farm, has been renovated and kept with great care. Lots of old elements have been preserved, and that is the path followed bay many other old gård´s around Österlen.



Hylkegården is a life-style shop, here you will find a wide variety of nice and special items, ranging from kitchen and bathroom accessories, furniture, lamps, textiles, silk flowers and interesting items of decoration, to classically designed pottery, wrought-iron goods, woven fabrics etc. 



In the former hay loft of Hylkegården farm, one can find a wide choice of antique rustic-style furniture, typical for Österlen and Skåne, pieces with their original paint either preserved or removed with lye. All pieces of furniture are restored on the premises.

hylke9 CAFE

In Hylkegården´s caffé, different kinds of traditional buns and cakes are served. Coffee or tea, French rolls, ham or shellfish pie with salad. apple or rhubarbcake with custard sauce, chocolate cake with cream...

hylke22 GARDENS
In the season, you can enjoy your time at Hyklegården in the relaxing green gardens.

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