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In the very centre of Skåne - Tranås we found Längornaa particulary interesting mode and fashion shop for ladies.
Here you can find and try many fine and original clothes and accesoires, always with lots of finesse and style. 


 If you like to shop your clothes in a relaxed way while served by excellent stuff, Längorna is definitelly a place for you. 
"To make our clients feel like queens at Längorna is our way" Says charming Jessica who runs the shop. "Too many shops today became impersonal and cold to visitors, and we think that is not ok."
Igor Dobranic, Bohéme, Masai, Olars Ulla, Ewa i Walla, M.P. by Style, Laurie are just some of the finest brands you can find at Längorna.
At Längorna you can find clothes for every season and good prices, for example, right now there are many fine winter clothes on discount. 



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