bank1 shopping / Argilla´s Pottery Shop in Kåseberga

For more than five thousand years pottery is in use on the shores of Österlen. That tradition continues, thanks also to "Argilla", pottery artshop developed by Madeleine and Anders Hägg.  MORE  
Norrvalla in Smedstorp is a workshop of retro motorcycles and much more retro stuff. Among the motorcycles, Russian Ural and Indian Royal Enfield.  Norrvalla is also a shop of retro interior and antiques. MORE

senf shopping / Shortcut Österlen

Shortcut Österlen or Genväg Österlen is an association of shops and activities settled along the road 1570 between Komstad and Skane Tranas. MORE

3 shopping  / Uncle Salah

For all those who likes the world food and to taste something different, we recommend Uncle Salah grocery shop in Tomelilla. MORE

shop shopping / Blå Huset in Borrby

Blå Huset or Blue House in Borrby is a B&B, café, garden and shop, and all of it in retro style! Blå Huset is settled right in the center of Borrby, very close to miles of sandy beaches, and just about everything else in Österlen. MORE
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