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text: aboutosterlen.com, photo: Charlotta Unger & aboutosterlen.com
Right along the coastal road between Kåseberga and Sandhammar beach, in the middle of nature, lays Charlotta Unger´s art studio and farm shop. Charlotta creates items of everyday use from ceramics to the skin.  
cops And all with a great touch of creativity and playfulness. Bowls and cups with appliances in white glazed stoneware clay containing gold and silver details. All unique and hand made. 


Lambskin is one of Charlotta big inspirations. This material is great to wear or to sit on, or just to admire. Charlotta is combining lambskin with gold,  glittery,  hand-embroidered borders and tapes,  patterns and colors. 
"From nature I get very inspiration, I like it when it meets the earthy golds which run like a thread in everything I create and it stands out-sparkling too !" Visitors are more than welcome to Charlotta Unger´s "Hantwerk and Konst" studio and farm shop.
Opening hours:
High Season: June to August, Monday-Sunday 12-17
Off Season: Call so we open, if possible!
This summer Charlotta Unger exhibits also in Kåseberga, at  Gallery K.  
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