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Trough past centuries, wood carving was not a rare skill. Up to the twentieth century, all the furniture was usually carved by hand. Tables and chairs, mirrors and cupboards, beds and closets, doors and even crates, were all ornamented by skilled craftsman.  
Today, it is an almost forgotten knowledge. Welcome to the studio of Carsten Nilsson, one of the few left professional wood carvers in Sweden. Carsten started his education in training furniture and interior carpentry in Kristianstad and Hässleholm. Then he went and learned the classic 1700s wood carving in Tibro on Crafts Centre.
There he learned all the tricks and tips about old style wood carving. Since 1996, Carsten has his workshop in Hammenhög. Mirrors and ornaments are the most of his interest. Clients can buy one of his already made mirrors, but customized mirrors can also be ordered.
Carsten does his own designed everyday items, such as salt and pepper mills. He also works as a restaurateur.


It is common that the old ornaments have an injury in any relocation or perhaps a lintel has disappeared over the years. Carsten can then produce new ornaments or inserts a new part of the furniture to regain its entirety.
Carsten has a good network and cooperation with other conservators, such as furniture restorer, gilder, decorative painters, etc.  Carsten  is a member of ÖSKG, the association of artist in south Skåne, and KHVC, the biggest Swedish association of handmade artists. Carsten Nilsson exhibits regularly around Sweden. You are welcome to visit Carsten´s workshop, even in bigger groups, from Monday to Friday, by previous appointment. Call 0708-740187.
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