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I was born in Orbetello, a beautiful small town, like every town in Tuscany. At age 19 I escaped from Italy to avoid military service. Since then I have been on pilgrimage around Europe.

studioa1 Art, religion, curiosity for other cultures and the environment have shaped my life. My career path has been very exciting. Having started with the art of the theatre context in Italy into education as a physiotherapist in Germany and work on developing methods in Myocardial Infarctions Rehabilitation through to production designer jobs in Italy, Germany, Mallorca and Sweden. 

studioa4 One of my most enjoyable task was to work with SVT Christmas studioa1Calendar, "Pettson och  Findus" in 1993, where I built the so-called "Tomtemaskin" and almost as fun to build "couch" in the film "Potatis handlare" by Lars Molin.
Having worked on creating beautiful environments is why I am interested in working with enriching my immediate environment with aesthetics. For example. When I was a board member of Österlen lyser, I created the torch and "Eldträdet" that lights up every year to inaugurate the light festival and created a new tradition in Österlen. I also had the honor of being able to co-design "Österlens Midpunkt" on behalf of Tomelilla municipality. nova2
The installation indicate that Smedstorp is the midpoint of Osterlen. For the last 8 years I live with my wife Pia in Smedstorp. In conjunction with the move here, I stared my company for Arts and Design, Ateljé B.
In December 2007 I bought with my wife a farm with room for workshop and studio. The move to Smedstorp, was decisive for my creativity. Here I got the last necessary input through the village's old blacksmith, Torsten Lundberg and the local cement foundry.
Now I have begun manufacturing the items that I always wanted. I work with iron, concrete and wood. I use some new material but mostly old with a history and another former function. My products are not stiff exhibition items. They should convey the desire to be used, relevant and not give a sterile storefronts feeling. Inspiration I have from my "Tuscany" childhood images that melt into the Österlenian light and colours. Franco Paglialunga will open his atelié for visiting during the Easter.
Franco Paglialunga
Ateljé B
Storgatan 69 Smedstorp 
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