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The year after I bought Esperöd property, I got informed by Tor Nitzelius from Gothenburg Botanical Garden  that the impenetrable forest on our property contained a highly interesting collection of trees. Here were about 3,000 trees from all around the world.
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However, everything was in a total state of abandon and overgrowth. The former owner showed no interest in the arboretum. Such an amazing collection I did not want only for myself. It should be available to all. My thought then was that if one opened the arboretum to the public, one might also get help to the very much needed maintenance of it.

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As help arrived,  the arboretum has become my passion and inspired me to my long study of nature's incredible power and energy. At first, I made drawings of trees, almost like portraits.


Recently, I made particular "black" paintings, trying to enter its existence conditions.
How life arises. How important is the nature for all of us. I do not use black in color, without mixing tea three primary colors yellow, red and blue.


For me, this has become a very rewarding journey of light and tank facilities.
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