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Artistic photography is just too much of a narrow frame for Torbjörn Larsson. His unquestionable sense for aesthetics, light and composition is just a tease, a sort of "warm-up" sequence for what we are really about to receive by observing his photos. 
Soon enough, we realize that there is a story behind every and each of them, was it a portrait of some girl from Iran, a tree from Österlen, or some urban scene from New York.
This photo story that involves us emotionally, as we start to understand Torbjörn´s capacity to bring what is behind the pure image.  Life is caught on a photo, but somehow it is still living. Torbjörn Larsson studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm and International Centre of Photography in New York.
A good part of his work are photos from his travelling trough middle-east countries. Few years ago, Torbjörn has settled in Borrby, where he works in his "Living Room" atelier.
As an active freelancer, he often gets assignments from leading magazines. 
Torbjörn is a member of ÖSKG, the official Guild of Artists of Österlen, and, as in a tradition of this association, once a year, during the Easter festivities, he opens the doors of his atelier for visitors. 
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