Konstrundan 2019

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It is Easter, and it is time for Konstrundan, the most popular "Art Tour" of Österlen. From Friday the 19th of April, there is the 51st version of Konstrundan with not less than 100 exhibiting artists!
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Already in 1968, members of The Artist Association of Österlen, ÖSKG, started with this great event. The idea was cleverly simple. Hundreds of artists, all at the same time, all over Österlen, open their ateliers and galleries for visitors. 
Konstrundan is a wonderful opportunity to check on some good art, but also to meet many artists and see where and how they work. ÖSKG Konstrundan goes on for 10 days, so many artists can be visited. 
During the half-century of existing, the original Konstrundan in Österlen became only more and more popular, so it grew to a sort of an "art festival" for the whole region. Many artists even decided to live in Österlen, attracted by Konstrundan.
The very idea in all these 50 years spread much further than only Österlen. Now there are many similar artistic tours all over Sweden, and even in surrounding countries. But the Konstrundan in Österlen remains the original one! 

For an artist to become a member of ÖSKG, and be able to exhibit at the original Konstrundan, some really good art skills and art history are required. Members are also supposed to be resident in Österlen. Here you can find the list of ÖSKartistsYou can recognize artists from ÖSKG by their roadsign, the popular yellow and the orange circle. When you see it, feel free to go in and check on some good art. 
Konstrundan is bringing lots of art lovers in Österlen during the Easter, many come from Sweden but also other countries. Many are buying some good art and there are many fans and followers of Konstrundan, coming back every year. 
Konstrundan is also a nice occasion to wander around in early spring. As you can see on Konstrundan´s Map, many artists live in different towns and villages, scattered around the beautiful coast and the countryside of Österlen.

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