NOW! Lillens Bilverkstad in Smedstorp gives 10% discount on your new buy of winterdack! Offer goes to the end of December.

Call Lillen 0414/ 51452 or visit at Gårdlösa 719, C/o Persson, 273 98 Smedstorp. 

delicatessen / Polska Delikatesser in Tomelilla


A shop specialized in various Polish products just opened in Tomelilla. more





nature / Stenshuvud

Stenshuvud is a national park spreading on 390 hectares. An ancient forest with a stone mountain,  just a mile south from Kivik. According to legend, the mountain got its name from the stone giant. MORE

leksunt  SHOPPING / Leksunt in Gärsnas

Toys and games shop in Gärsnas. Lots of ecological and nature-friendly products for kids. WEB

page 225086729201311181354261176 accommodation  / Solrosen Apartments

In Solrosen it is possible to rent nicely furnished and well-equipped apartments, with access to a large garden and its lovely pond, created by garden artists Helge Lundström and Emma Karp Lundström. MORE  

ceder Shopping & Antique
Cederqvist "Antik & Vin" 
Recycling, environmental thinking, and beautiful things are obvious things for Cederqvist Antik & Vin. A new antique shop near Hannas we warmly recommend!  map / web
One of the most interesting places in Österlen is certainly the Nisse Nilsson´ Autoseum. It is one of the finest collections in Europe, with the oldest vehicles dating even before the 20th century. more

brantevik11   Brantevik 

Fisherman village of Brantevik keeps the look of the "old times" port, while today is a popular tourist destination on the coast of Österlen. more

It consists of 59 megalithic stones, some higher than 3 meters, forming the mystical shape of a big ship or eclipse. Ales Stenar. Who created this and when? It is still an enigma.  more

DSC 0935
NEW! Rustika Gården 
Popular ceramics workshop Rustika is now also a fine café with fresh home-made cakes and a great summer garden. more


NEW! Mrs Walker Gårdlösa

A new and charming antique shop, with items like elegant gifts for summer festivities. At Gårdlösa near Smedstorp. more 

Shopping&fun /
Antique Shops in Österlen


Österlen is famous for its antique shops. Here we bring some interesting ones, and from different places around the region. more

paragliding2 photo gallery / The Coast of Österlen

Österlen spreads on the most south-east part of Skåne, Sweden, and Scandinavian peninsula. Here we bring a little gallery of some images from its long coast. more

Karl FredrikpaEklaholmr.o.k 35

gardening with style/

Karl Fredrik på Eklaholm

One of the "must visit" places around Österlen is certainly a garden house and interior design shop driven by renowned florist Karl Fredrik. more

18 Degeberga-Widtsköfle Golf Club 

Degeberga-Widtsköfle is a particular 18-hole course, stretching on the outskirts of northern Österlen. Built on sandy soil, this par 72 course has a very long playing season. web / more
Österlen Museums A complete guide!  MORE 
Madame Blå is a popular café and French bistro settled in a charming old house just a few steps from   Skåne - Tranås town square. more
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